2018-11-7 03:29

來自英國的Dominique Davis在Instagram上開始了一個#projectlittercritter(垃圾怪物活動)的標籤,通過它可以看到世界各地的人們用垃圾創作的藝術品。

事情開始於今年的8月,Dominique Davis和丈夫還有兩個可愛的女兒,一家四口來到馬來西亞度假,參加了海灘清理工作。


在丈夫和孩子們的幫助下,Dominique用垃圾製作了一隻海龜圖案。還拍下一張照片上傳到她的 Instagram賬號上。沒想到得到了許多網友們的關注。

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This seemingly cute turtle has more of a sinister undertone. She was made up entirely of waste that has been collected from the beaches around the island (a very, very small selection of it – see my Stories for the whole extent). @batubatuisland has their own conservation team who work tirelessly to monitor, research and subsequently improve the marine life around the island – with a strong focus on turtles. There’s a turtle hatchery on the resort where the eggs are monitored, kept away from predators (both human and otherwise), and when hatched are given safe passing into the sea. Between 2014 and 2017 more than 20,000 eggs were located to the hatchery; 53% of those hatched and were successfully released into the sea – yey! We’ve now adopted a nest of 140 Hawksbill Turtle eggs who will hatch between 13 August – 1st September (dates that cover both Penny and Boy Dom’s birthdays) and once they do, we’ll be sent videos of their release into the sea. We also went to a turtle talk a few days ago and here is some of the upsetting statistics and facts that we learned: • The turtle has lived in our ocean for over 150 million years. • The Leatherback turtle population has declined by 99% • The Green turtle is now endangered and the Hawksbill Turtle is critically endangered (both of which can be found around Batu Batu). • Only 1 in 1000 hatchlings will reach adulthood – and it is the increasing problems caused by humans that are threatening their future survival; poaching, pollution of the ocean (many autopsies have found plastic bags inside turtle’s stomachs which, in the water, would have resembled jellyfish – a turtles favourite food). Being caught in fishing nets and illegal trading of their eggs, meat and shells all contribute to their diminishing numbers. Before I came here, I had no idea that some breeds of turtles were so close to extinction. Turtles are gentle and beautiful creatures, and the thought that both of my daughters could grow up in a world where they no longer exist is truly heartbreaking.#projectlittercritter

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比如垃圾袋製作的獾, 都是用大家在家附近的樹林里散步時收集的垃圾製作的。

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Meet Billy the bin bag badger. He's made up entirely from rubbish that we collected while walking in the woods near our house. I think we can all agree the litter and littering is a huge problem right now. After we built our turtle out of the rubbish that had been found on the beaches at Batu Batu the @tengahislandconservation said something that really resonated with us: "We all see litter, but we often see it as someone else's problem – I didn't drop it, therefore it's not my responsibility to pick up. But, once it's there lying on the floor, blowing around our streets, into our forests, onto our beaches and into the sea, it is our responsibility. It's our planet and we should all be doing our bit to clean it up." I think we might have a new series on our hands – pick up litter, transform it into an animal and then dispose of it correctly – any suggestions on what the hashtag could be? #projectlittercritter

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While we were collecting this week’s rubbish, a man walked past looking quite confused, probably wondering what we were doing (or going to do) with multiple bags filled with rubbish while dragging along a rusty scooter that had been left in the bushes. Penny must have sensed his confusion and proudly told him that we were collecting the litter that other people had dropped. He mumbled a ‘well done’ and very quickly hurried passed – I’m not sure he knew what else to say 😂. We have such a weird attitude towards picking up litter, and I’m not sure why. Every time we do it, we notice all of the odd looks thrown our way. So, in the hope of changing misconceptions, encouraging us all to get creative whilst also cleaning up the planet, we’ve got something exciting planned with this hashtag. Looking forward to it 😁#projectlittercritter

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Can a drop in ‘likes’ affect your mood? Is a low-performing image the cause of you crying into your morning coffee? No judgement here; we’ve all been there. @kerryvillers and I were talking about it this week, about how, at times, we feel silly or even pathetic for being so wrapped up in those double taps. But really , is it pathetic? I guess to some it would be, but when it’s your job, your passion or where you share your creative work, those red hearts are a way to track your performance or success. And yes, I know that a gazillion Instagram likes don’t equate to how successful you are (although a gazillion likes would be nice 😉), but it is tough to detach the two. Our #projectlittercritter images don’t always ‘perform’ as well as our others, and honestly, it did make me doubt whether or not to continue with the project. But thanks to Boy Dom, and others who made me see sense, I know that if there is any image to continue sharing on our feed, it’s this one. We enjoy creating them, we’re proud of them, it gets us out of the house (although I don’t know how much of a positive this will be through the winter 😂), it cleans up our streets, and we hope it raises awareness. So, in light of that, here’s Ms Whale. She’s a beauty, don’t you think?

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This is the only type of Bear we want to run into on our walks!!!! 🐶😄🐨🐻 *** It was a quick trash walk today with Leo! Yes we did find that tiny bird house and I’m sure someone was upset they dropped a full unopened pack of cigarettes today. And the irony of the recycle sticker lying on the ground. See that little cotton ball tail?? I thought I would add it in, well Leo snatched it and I chased him around the yard for an unmentionable amount of time😂🤣 …. … So this is our #Projectlittercritter entry for today! Check out the hashtag for others.(hosted by @allthatisshe) Join in 1) pick up trash on your walk 2) arrange into a critter or animal 3)snap a picture, add hashtag 4)Dispose of trash properly And have fun !!! *** On a totally unrelated topic, I found money today so I sort of feel that I should play that Lotto, right??? #trashwalk #cleanearth #Cleanpequannock

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Together we will make our PLANET cleaner!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ @allthatisshe #projectlittercritter ……………………. ………………….. Я стараюсь заботится об окружающей среде , меня етот вопрос всегда мучит , в каком мире будут жить мои дети , внуки , правнуки ! В большинстве случаев все зависит от нас с Вами! Мы с детворой собрали 2 бутля по 6 литров пластмасовых крышечек , сдали их в парк Юнатов , средства со сбора будет будут потрачены на корм для животных которые живут у них в зооуголке. Также крышечки принимают в церкви Архангела Михаила и святителя Луки! И у мужа на работе в банке "Пивденный" , их перерабатывают для протезирование инвалидов. Не стесняясь собираю в парке мусор , приходя на природу вначале убираешь для себя участок , мотом убираешь после себя , количество мусора просто поражает 😭 Убираю какашки ̶Г̶о̶в̶о̶р̶я̶т̶ ̶с̶в̶о̶е̶ ̶н̶е̶ ̶в̶о̶н̶я̶е̶т̶ ̶в̶р̶у̶т̶:̶)̶ 🙈 за своими детками и стараюсь соблюдать чистоту и приучать подрастающее поколение беречь окружающую среду👍💪. И хочу сказать не одна такая👍 …………………………………………………….. Вместе мы сделаем нашу Планету чище! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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Dominique告訴Bored Panda:“垃圾不僅威脅到環境而且使我們付出沉重的代價,去年,地方當局花費了6.82億英鎊來清潔我們的街道。”